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11 Most Majestic Sunset Locations In America

Photo by Aaron Volpe at Shutterstock

Butterfly Beach, California

Butterfly Beach is a lovely, quiet little stretch of sand surrounded by a stone sea wall under the Biltmore Hotel and the Coral Casino along Channel Drive in ritzy Montecito, CA. It is probably one of the most filmed beaches in the world and for a good reason. South of Santa Barbara, this beach is a unique mix of sand and cliffs and is a perfect place for a walk or just to take in the scenery.

Butterfly is also one of the most ideal beaches for sunsets as it is a south-facing beach, so you can come early, stay throughout the day, then toast the sunset with a glass of wine. It’s essential to check the tides, though. At low tide, you can walk forever, but there might not be much beach if high tide catches you. However, there’s a sidewalk where you could take a nice walk as well.

To view the setting sun through the palm trees is astonishing. An excellent option to have a happy hour drink and watch the sunset if you don’t want to stay on the beach is conveniently across the street at the Four Seasons hotel.

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