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Top 6 Best Wildlife Safaris in America

Wildlife Safari
Photo by EQRoy at Shutterstock

How does a wildlife safari sound for YOUR next family trip?

You don’t have to go overseas to see wildlife from across the globe. There are many wildlife safari parks or conservation zones spread across the US for you to enjoy.

Thanks to a bunch of stateside safari parks, you can see giraffes and zebras roaming vast grasslands from an open-air vehicle. Adventurers can experience wildlife from around the world in our own backyard.

Designed to allow families to enjoy the animals within the confines of their own car, these adventures are a perfect option for some family fun.

Just be sure to visit ones accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to make sure the animals are treated compassionately, and they receive the best care. Check out our 6 favorite wildlife safaris in America.

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