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Diving With Sharks

Sharks may be one of the most misunderstood animals on the planet. The subject of nightmares for many, the species is in fact a diverse and fascinating lot usually indifferent to human observers. Face up to your fears and go for a dive with these unforgettable creatures.

BAHAMAS – The Caribbean archipelago is a premier destination for shark lovers. Cat Island, whose narrow, palm-covered shores are home to only around 1,500 people, hosts a variety of sharks, including great hammerheads, the endangered oceanic whitetip, and tiger sharks. Epic Diving can arrange single-day or weeklong expeditions for you.bahamas

COSTA RICA – Get an intimate view of hammerheads on Cocos Island, off the coast of Costa Rica. The island is truly wild, with no inhabitants other than park rangers, and you’ll have to take a boat to reach it.

The ocean around the island is full of life—tiger sharks, lemon sharks, whitetip reef sharks, guitar sharks, manta rays, and a burst of colorful fish.

MALDIVES – December is peak season for whale shark sightings In the Maldives. The surrounding waters preserve a network of coral reefs teeming with leopard sharks, stingrays, and whitetip reef sharks, but the enormous whale sharks are the main attraction. Elite Diving Agency can organize seven-day live-aboard cruises to facilitate underwater encounters.

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