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Running Wild In Paradise

Just because you’re in the tropics doesn’t mean you have to spend all day napping in the sun. Most island destinations have all kinds of ways to get you moving without ever stepping foot on the beach.

Mountain Biking – Trinidad and Tobago’s rugged terrains are perfect for cyclists, with options for four- and seven-day trips that will take you across jungles, grassy lowlands, and spectacular mountain-bikingmountaintops There is a 39-mile route to Sobo Falls in the north that is popular. Nearby Saint Lucia is another island biking hot spot, with towering mountains and 19.000 acres of rainforest.

Spelunking – Climbing Trinidad’s Mount Tamana is a treat, but the real treasure comes from exploring the network of caves inside the mountain.

The Tamana caves host 11 species of hats through IB major sections, with new depths still being discovered. The Gasparee Caves, on a small island just off Trinidad’s northwestern coast, are a glimmering crystal-filled marvel.

Kayaking – With its lush mountain forests, freshwater lakes, winding rivers, and ocean bays, Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic) is a terrific place to get your oar arms back into shape Most local hotels will have guide suggestions to get you started. One popular route follows the Layou River, the country’s longest, from Its source to the ocean.

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