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Explore The World’s Most Mysterious Ruins


Take a step back in time and discover how people lived in some of history’s greatest civilizations. The world holds an abundance of ruins and remnants from earlier times that will leave you in awe. Here are a few of the best.

MARCAHUASI RUINS, PERU – There’s a lot more to Peru than Machu Picchu. The 10.000-year-old granite sculptures of Marcahuasi, a day-hike from the mountain village of San Pruinsedro de Casta, are thought to have been a shrine for healing. The rock carvings of human heads and animals even predate the Incas.

AL ‘ULA, SAUDI ARABIA – The mazelike corridors of Al ‘Ula, once a regional capital on the incense Route, were first built in the fifth century BC.

Locals reconstructed the city in the 13th century. Most left for more modern cities, but one holdout family stayed until 1983.

SUNKEN CITY OF BAIA, ITALY – Once a kind of Las Vegas-style resort town for the Roman Empire’s rich and famous, the city sank into the Gulf of Naples after volcanic vents gradually raised sea levels. Today, Baia’s tiled walls and statues are 16 feet underwater.

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