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China & New Zealand – The Best Eating Experiences In The World

Gorge on Flavor While Hiking Through China – Nestled in the mountains of northern Yunnan, Tiger Leaping Gorge is one of the most rugged and scenic hiking spots in the world. Your reward for tromping over the steep trails between Lijiang and Dali? Some of the most delectable Chinese food you’ll ever have, served at a number of authentic guesthouses set up along the way. The Naxi Family Guesthouse is a highlight; a family-run operation that you can reach only by foot. It‘s a great place to meet other travelers and feast on regional specialties, including kung pao chicken. You’ll also get a kick out of western-themed options, like a sweet flatbread with banana slices. Everything is prepared using fresh ingredients from the mountains, making for an experience that can’t be had anywhere else.

Big Bay

Cook What You Catch In New Zealand – If you want to try your hand at living off the land, head to Big Bay, one of New Zealand’s most renowned surf spots Situated on the country’s southwestern coast just outside Mount Aspiring National Park. Big Bay has become a haven for foraging and cooking in the wild. Big Bay offers glassy swells, beautiful hikes, and an abundance of sea life to catch for supper. Awarua Guides hosts expeditions and provides tips for campfire cooking come sundown. You’ll feast on hand-caught lobster, mussels, and trout. When supplies run low, you can always make a run for the supermarket, which is Guides proprietor Warrick Mitchell’s loving nickname for the ocean. Meat eaters can enjoy venison caught in the hills surrounding the camp’s main cabin, which Mitchell’s parents built in the ’60s when they settled the area with a dozen other families.

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