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11 Amazing Fishing Spots Around The US

Photo by Pat Anderson Photo at Shutterstock

Fishing In The US

The US has some of the world’s best fishing spots. Marlin, Tarpon, Bass… The United States has got it all, right on our doorstep! Whether fishing is a sport or hobby, or whether you’re picking a spot for your first or seven-thousandth fishing trip, you’re probably always looking for the best areas in the country.

Seeing how vast and diverse our country is, both winter and summer are equally great seasons to try new fishing spots, especially when having the opportunity to discover varied water-loving species. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice in the world of fishing, a seasoned senior in the fishing game, or a young, talented fisherman (or fisherwoman).

Fishing trips are a one-way street that everyone can tread upon. So where to go? We’ve searched and found 11 of the most amazing fishing spots in the US, some of which may be extremely close to your home.

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