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10 Heavenly US Swimming Holes To Dive Into This Summer

swimming holes
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A dip at your local swimming pool this summer may sound nice, but swimming outside in a natural body of water would be well worth the added effort. We’ve gathered some of the best swimming hole locations in the US and what you need to know about accessing each.

Nothing is better than hiking and stopping at a stunning, natural swimming hole. These swimming holes usually form at the base of waterfalls or where water naturally settles between the rocks and soil.

And luckily, you don’t need to trek to Asia or some undiscovered South American waterfall because our country’s swimming holes have crystal-blue waters, majestic waterfalls, and jaw-dropping landscapes.

From epic cliff jumps in Alabama to hidden caves in Florida and secret beaches in Arizona, water adventures can be found in every corner of the country… if you know where to find them.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your sunscreen and bathing suit. We’re going on a great road trip to the 10 best natural swimming holes in The United States!

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