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It’s Safer to Travel to One of These 9 U.S. Towns (Here’s Why)

Matagorda, Texas

People walking on the beach.
Photo by lalo Hernandez –

If you like interacting with the locals during your vacation trips, both of the animal and human variety, then we recommend taking a trip to Matagorda, Texas. This natural heaven is perfect for families and individuals that can’t make their minds up. Do you want to go fishing? Snorkeling? Do you prefer long walks on the beach or exploring swampy terrain?

Matagorda has it all- it’s just a shame that it’s so crowded by tourists during peak season!

Apart from the activities we’ve just listed, you will also have the possibility of spotting wildlife with or without binoculars. Bobcats, river otters, gators, Texas horned lizards, not to mention migrating birds, are all par for the course here.

All in all, it’s a lovely little region where everyone is laid back, welcoming, and sweet.

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