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Eight Places to Visit Before They Change Forever

Before you know it, some the world’s most beautiful and unique destinations could be unrecognizable. Climate change, plastic pol­lution and overpopulation are having devas­tating effects on our planet. Earth Month, which celebrated its 46th anniversary this year, is a global initiative that aims to drive aware­ness around environmental issues.

In support of Earth Month 2016, we are hoping to raise awareness of global environmental issues by highlighting some traveller bucket list destinations we are in danger of losing forever.


Venice (above) is one of our favourite island paradis­es, but it’s no secret that the city is sinking, and it has been for centuries. High tides, rising sea levels due to climate change and boat traffic are three of the main reasons why the build­ings are eroding and slowly being claimed by rising water levels. The effect is a few millime­tres a year which may not seem like a lot, but look ahead a few decades and it’s more than a bit concerning. With floods becoming more frequent efforts are being made to control the water levels going forward. And no, stilt walk­ing for all is not a realistic option.

The Taj Mahaltaj-mahal

Not only are fees to visit this marble-ous palace increasing in an effort to limit tourists, but it’s moving towards not looking so mar­ble-ous at all. Pollution is causing the Taj Mahal to turn from white to yellow, and some­thing tells us as time goes on, the white mar­vel won’t really have the same postcard wor­thy affect that draws visitors from all over the globe. Groundwater levels and general tourist traffic have also been creating some structural damage to the palace which has led to whis­pers of public access being restricted in the near future.

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