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Tropical Tidbits

Summer is Prime Time for Caribbean Travel!

Now, since even countries like Canada are finally getting their fair share of warm weather during their criminally short summer, one might think that it’s not the time to head to tropical climes. But there are some very good rea­sons to do so.

For one, top resorts in paradisiacal loca­tions typically cut their rates to the bone during low season, sometimes throwing in extra nights or kids-stay-free packages and even going so far as to offer airfare credits, too! Another good reason is the parties!

Some islands have their biggest blowouts during this time of year like Anguilla’s August Summer Festival and Barbados’ Crop Over. You haven’t really experienced authentic Caribbean until you’ve learned to “jump up” with the locals!

But one of our favourite reasons for head­ing south during the summer is to experi­ence sea turtles in the wild! Summer is sea turtle nesting time on beaches throughout the Caribbean and Mexico. This is when the female turtles return to the beach where they were born to lay their eggs, and many resorts have sea turtle protection and con­servation programs to protect them that vis­itors can participate in. Witnessing hatch­ings and helping baby sea turtles reach the sea in release programs when they need protection are truly magical experiences that should be on everyone’s bucket list.


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