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The Party States

NEVERNEVER, NYC – It’s about a purple door – and beyond, where people come to not be seen. That is, the likes of Miley, Drake and either of the Hadid girls.

R Bar, LA
R Bar, LA

No snapping and posting here – it’s secretive (we’ll provide the address, the rest is up to you), and worth hitting up before the cool kids move on next summer.

R BAR, KOREATOWN, LA – Because EP & LP has become too familiar, Sky Bar’s solely for tourists and Downtown’s sometimes an Uber too far. This is when this speakeasy enters its own.

COYO TACO, MIAMI – There’s more to Miami than the beach. Located in the heart of Wynwood -we’re pointing you beyond the bright lights (and tasty tacos) of the front taqueria to the unnamed small bar out back. It’s about good tunes and tequila until at least 3am.

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