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10 East Coast Destinations You’ll Love

east coast
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East Coast Getaways

If you’re searching for your next weekend getaway, consider the US’s east coast. You’ll have an endless bucket list of options to pick from. There are lots of possibilities for exciting cities, but you’ll also find plenty of beach escapes. From the immaculate landscapes of National Parks to the exciting wildlife, the East Coast offers options for everyone.

While time may not allow you to visit every single popular tourist destination along the Atlantic coast, there ARE several attractions that you won’t want to miss. The states that make up the East Coast of our country offer various climates, geographies, and cultures. You’ll find places as different as Cape Cod, the Outer Banks, and the Florida Keys.

The Atlantic seaboard is charming, historic, tropical, wild, and has it all. From Maine to Rhode Island, Connecticut to Delaware, and Virginia to Florida, here are our favorite destinations on the east coast!

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1 thought on “10 East Coast Destinations You’ll Love”

  1. Corbin Cpgswell

    Unfortunately, you skipped the Jersey Shore with both amazing beaches and the history of the State. Much of the Revolutionary War was fought in New Jersey. New Jersey farmers supply much seasonal vegetables. The beaches are pristine and there is history in Cape May County.

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