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Top 3 Wonderful Aussie Restaurants

Hubert, Sydney

HUBERT, SYDNEY – Brilliant design. Brilliant food. Brilliant ambiance. Brilliant wine list. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

From the guys behind Shady Pines, The Baxter Inn et al, it sees 10 William’s Dan Pepperell serving up a slice of French cooking that he says was inspired by pre-WW1 cookbooks.

OSTERIA OGGI, ADELAIDE – An Italian from non-Italians – but it’s hard to care when the fare elevates the country’s culinary traditions.

Our go-to when in the SA capital, Oggi’s part of the culinary happenings that have made it worth taking a new look at the City of Churches.

AUTOMATA, SYDNEY – Nearly a year after the fanfare attached to its opening, and Automata remains our inner-west haunt of choice. Why? Well, the ever-changing five-course set menu is inventive, refreshing and easily the best value in Sydney.

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