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Top 11 Incredible US Ski Resorts To Check Out This Winter

ski resort
Photo by jdross75 at Shutterstock

Whether you’re a seasoned skier or want a snowy weekend getaway, you can find a US ski resort to fit your needs. From steep hills to novice loops, ski resorts provide a fun and unique way to learn a new sport, spend time with family, or hang out with friends.

You can find most of these resorts in the west, but if your travel plans include the eastern states, you can still find great places to stay. The differences between ski resorts are vast. So which one should you choose? Most skiers will agree that skiing and snow conditions are the most important factors when planning a ski trip.

But the towns at the base of these mountains are where you’ll spend your time OFF the slopes and are also essential when deciding your destination. The skiing opportunities, and overall atmosphere, have been taken into consideration when we asked ourselves….What are the top 11 US ski resorts we should check out this winter? Number 3 is MY favorite!

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