The Inn at Little Washington – Washington, Virginia, U.S.A.

A Gourmet Sanctuary in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Is this really the most romantic country house in the world? You’ll be hard-pressed to find one that has garnered as many awards and accolades for its wonderful combination of restaurant, accommodations, and setting.

Built in 1749 at the foothills of the Blue D.C., and who revere this as a sort of heavenly Ridge Mountains and in the middle of Virginia hunt country, today “Little” Washington has a population of just 180, unless you count the politicos who limo in from “Big” Washington D.C., and who revere this aș a sort of heavenly escape from the stress of running America.

Patrons like these accustomed to the best. They leave smitten, singing The Inn‘s praises – it has been called a gastronome’s nirvana, a work of art. The cuisine defies a pigeonhole, appearing at times nouvelle, regional, country or haute American. Both the fourteen perfectly appointed guest rooms and the meals are infused with a theatrical flair, but with an appropriate level of restraint. George Washington did not sleep here. His loss.

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