The Ariaú Jungle Tower – Manaus, Amazonia, Brazil

The Ultimate Tree House

Perched high above the heart of the Amazon jungle, the greatest rain forest on earth, the Ariaú Jungle Tower is enveloped in the voluptuous beauty of dense treetop canopy where the Rio Ariaú and the Rio Negro meet. A network of seven cy­lindrical towers, miles of connecting trapeze-­like catwalks, and two lookout towers made of thatched roofs and pol­ished tropical woods, the hotel compound is supported by stilts that rise up to 130 feet. Some of the towers, such as Tarzan’s Houses, are 110 feet above­ground, with 360-degree views of the Amazon’s thousand shades of green.

Electric generators and indoor plumbing ensure the luxury’ of ceiling fans and minibars, and the restaurant bakes its own hearty breads and does delicious things with fresh local ingredi­ents and fish plucked from the river. But the real luxury is the hotel’s seamless immersion in the Amazon and its mind-boggling profu­sion of plant and animal species, a living round-the-clock theater. The hotel’s guided explorations by canoe, riverboat, or on foot are a celebration of the rain forest, the ultimate laboratory for life on earth.

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