Surfing the Sand Dunes of Natal – Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Incredible Mountains of Roller-Coaster Adventure

Beaches are Natal’s real claim to fame, and Genipabu is its finest. Located on the easternmost tip of the South American continent, Natal has become the hot spot of Brazil’s northeastern area. Miles and miles of enormous white sand dunes and some of the world’s most beautiful beaches can be found 15 miles north of Natal in and around Genipabu, where sunset strolls, donkey or horseback rides, sand surfing, or roller-coaster-style rides in four-wheel-drive beach bugues (buggies) are pastimes of choice.

Beach buggies can be rented by the intrepid, but no one knows the shifting sands and adrenaline-busting turns and Indy-500 potential of the dunes like the local professional bugueiros drivers. They can also whisk you away to the secluded lagoons, palm-fringed lakes, or a well-earned celebra­tion at a funky beach hut selling fried shrimp and cold beer after you’ve survived one of their rides. To keep in the spirit of this exotically beautiful dunescape, stay at the delight­ful Hotel Genipabu. It sits on a bluff above Genipabu Beach and offers great views of the fabled sand dunes.

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