Taillevent – Paris, Ile de France, France

Superlative Cuisine Balances the Classic and the Nouvelle

Much of the glory of Paris has been its proliferation of world-famous gas­tronomic temples. Here is the country’s highest concentration of starred restaurants and superstar chefs who offer that unique, flawless dinner, where guests are treated like royalty and clairvoyant service sparkles.

At Taillevent, the polished, clublike, mid-19th-century set­ting is presided over by the second-generation owner and consummate host, Jean-Claude Vrinat. Chef Alain Soliverfes uses a solidly classic base sprinkled with imagination, a masterful melange of the old and the new. In perfect harmony with the unimpeachable menu is Taillevent’s legendary wine list— 25,000 bottles!

Its wine shop is considered one of Paris’s finest. Choosing from the best of Paris’s celebrated restaurants can involve hours of fervent discussion and guidebook perusal, but the same revered names always surface: L’Ambroisie, L’Arpege, Guy Savoy, Lucas Carton, Pierre Gagnaire, Michel Rostang, Grand Vefour, and Alain Ducasse. How to know who carries the edge? Book weeks in advance, try them all, and cast your vote.

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