Strawberry Hill – Irish Town, Jamaica, Greater Antilles

On Top of the World in the Blue Mountains

If life is a beach, then heaven is Strawberry Hill’s perch in the Blue Mountains. It’s not for lovers of the sea and sand, but rather for those who relish sitting on their private verandas at 3,000 feet, watching the late afternoon’s swirling mist settle on the green hills and lush gardens while the tree frogs begin their night­-time serenade.

This is your own private Jamaica, with twelve colonial-inspired cottages sprawled across 26 acres, their rooms evoking 19th-century planters’ daily lives with their mahogany four-poster beds, wispy mosquito netting, plank floors, and ceiling fans – not to mention carefully camouflaged high-tech amenities and a soothing, minimalist design sense. Strawberry Hill’s locally born chef turns out exotic, full-flavored reinventions of traditional Jamaican dishes. You’ll soon understand why the Caribbean’s most idyllic property is not even near a beach.


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