Rawlins Plantation – Mount Pleasant, St. Kitts, Lesser Antilles

Caribbean Life as It Used to Be

St. Kitts and Nevis are loved by Caribbean aficionados for their tastefully restored plantation inns-cum-restaurants, and Rawlins Plantation is one of the most captivating, allowing guests to savor a vanishing way of life amid old-fashioned West Indies charm and gra­cious surroundings. The main house, with its wide veranda overlooking carefully clipped lawns and flower-splashed gardens, was built on the original 17th-century foun­dations of an old sugar works, and offers what’s arguably the best dining on the island, an imaginative blend of Kittian and French cuisine designed by the talented owner/chef.

Many ingredients are grown on the plantation. A wondrous West Indian buffet lunch draws both the local elite and nonislanders. The regulars come to relive the nostalgic planter’s life – or is it the sensational chocolate terrine with a light passion fruit sauce?

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