Petit St. Vincent – Grenadines, Lesser Antilles

Island Resort or Resort Island?

Those who really, really want to get away from it all should drop anchor at this privately owned 113-acre luxury island resort. Encircled by white-sand beaches, covered with palm trees, and washed by the impossibly clear waters of the fabled Grenadine archi­pelago, it’s one man’s castaway fantasy, which he chooses to share with just forty privacy-seeking guests.

Of course, they pay handsomely to stay in the quiet, natural setting without sacrificing service or remarkable dining, and they also pay for what’s missing: televi­sion, telephones, air-conditioning, faxes, casinos, beach vendors—even room keys.

Large breeze-cooled stone cottages are sit­uated for maximum views and privacy. Room service works like a charm: Raise the red flag and the staff gives you a wide berth; raise the yellow flag, stick your request in your mailbox—a mango daquiri, extra suntan lotion, dinner on your private terrace—and it arrives in record time.

Weary CEO types in need of a retreat love it here. So do couples who appear to be very much in love—if they make an appearance at all. Single guests will prob­ably stay that way and should consider PSV only if they like their own company or that of an epic novel.

Guests who have become danger­ously relaxed or are suffering a bout of cabin fever can arrange for a day’s snorkeling at nearby Tobago Cays, also part of the Grenadines island chain—it’s one of the loveliest uninhab­ited comers left in the Caribbean.

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