Nightclubs in Tokyo

Tokyo’s clubs are many and varied, and the club scene is very fluid. There are several centers for nightclubs; Roppongi, the city’s upscale playground, is one of the most lively. The Roi Building across the road from Don Quijote is full of clubs and bars. The Ni-chome area of Shinjuku is home to some 250 gay clubs, as well as numerous pubs and bars. Many famous DJs operate at AgeHa, Tokyo’s largest nightclub, in Shin-kiba. Atom, in Shibuya, attracts a mainly young clientele and has two dance floors as well as a floor just for relaxation.

AgeHa Club – Shin-kiba, Tokyo

Other clubs currently drawing crowds for every type of dance music from salsa to techno and house disco are Womb, Ele Tokyo, and Club Asia.

Clubs with a show tend to get going early in the evening, around 7-8pm; the last show ends in time to catch the last trams out to the suburbs, about 11-11:30pm. Smaller clubs start and end later, while dance clubs won’t warm up until around 11 pm and often keep going all night. Expect a cover charge at most clubs of¥2,000-4,000, usually including one drink.

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