Jamaica’s Reggae Festival – Jamaica, Greater Antilles

The Party of Parties

Jamaica is the birthplace of reggae, its heartbeat, soul, and inspiration. Bom of the Rastafarian religion, and with a deep-rooted spirituality evolved from centuries-old slave songs, the music is a blend of African-influenced percussion, contemporary pop instrumentation, and lyrics that give voice to everything from religious to political and social commentary.

The annual Sumfest festival showcases star performers jamming nonstop from dusk till dawn, and highlights the music’s most influ­ential mouthpiece, something of a national folk hero, the late Bob Marley. Sumfest runs for approximately five days at the beginning of August, usually in Montego Bay, when hotels are booked to overflowing and the hot summer nights reverberate with music that includes hip-hop, rap, soca, and calypso.

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