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The eyecatching Narendra Bhawan reflects the eclectic life of Maharaja Narendra Singhji. Designed as an aristocratic residence, the interiors are a kaleidoscope of scenes and artefacts that evoke nostalgia.

USP – Narendra Bhawan houses Maharaja Narendra Singhji’s memories of his travels and presents a rich and diverse panorama.

HERITAGE PICK – Bikaner’s history dates back to 1488 when a young princeling from the Jodhpur dynasty broke away from his family’s ancient legacy and sought to establish his own lineage. The site he chose happened to be called ‘Jungladesh,’ a barren outcrop of land. Rao Bika was the second son of the Jodhpur clan leader. It is said that he had a fractious relationship with his father and brothers and in exchange for giving up his claim to the throne of Jodhpur was allowed to take the family heirlooms with him. Naturally, he didn’t keep his word and skirmishes would occur.

The Narendra Bhawan
The Narendra Bhawan

BLENDING HISTORY WITH LUXURY – This property celebrates a lifetime—from a royal birth to the fashioning of a global bon vivant and culminating in a socialist enamoured of the new India. From the spa to the cuisine, the man who once lived here is recalled through a collection of memorable experiences—some fascinatingly epicurean, others extremely novel and all forever enchanting.

PRIZED ARTEFACT – The Balam (‘My Beloved’) Table is placed in the rooms. It has a carved white marble base in the shape of a bottle and a spun brass centrepiece and tabletop The brass of the table top and its centre beam are akin to the beams and joints of a roof The simplicity of the design and the blending of traditional materials add romance to a utilitarian object.

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