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The property was created with the intent of giving guests the actual feel and ambience of authentic Kerala while providing modern luxury. Over a hundred homesteads, each over 100 years old, were bought and used in the making of the resort. Hence, much of what you see in the resort is truly historical.

USP – Kerala’s architecture is highlighted throughout the resort. The ancient rules of the traditional architecture have been adhered to while simultaneously imbuing it with flawless luxury, a rare and difficult to create feature.

HERITAGE PICK – The visit of Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall to celebrate the Prince of Wales’ 65th birthday is proudly recalled as an honour at the resort.


BLENDING HISTORY WITH LUXURY – The resort combines authentic heritage with every comfort. Rooms are plush and have wood-embellished interiors. Private pools, meandering pools and sprawling gardens preserve the past amid the contemporary.

PRIZED ARTEFACT – The architecture of the Ettukettu multi-cuisine restaurant is breathtaking. Once a palatial mansion located several kilometres away, the structure was dismantled and reconstructed at the resort over four years. The 120-year-old octagonal mansion was the home of the martial arts instructor of the royal family.

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