Good VISA news for The Travel Lovers

Bad news for the collectors of elaborate passport stamps and good news for everyone else: a slew of countries have simplified their visa requierments

VIETNAM announced that until 30 June 2016, British nationals visiting the country for up to 15 days will no longer need to fork out £ 54 for a visa.

Changes mean INDONESIA exempts Brits and many other nationalities from paying for a £24 visa on arrival, provided you arrive at a designated airport or seaport.

Rescuing travellers from long, nightmarish queues at Nairobi Airport, KENYA now offers a slick e-visa scheme. It now costs £35 for a single-entry visa.

INDIA also simplified its entry process with a new e-visa scheme – it’s open to British nationals, provided they arrive at one of the 16 designated airports.

In a bid to lure more tourists, JORDAN has waived its £38 visa for British nationals visiting as part of an organised tour, provided the tour group stays in the country for three nights or more.

GEORGIA abolished its visa requirements from British nationals last year.

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