Go Wild in Scenic Colorado

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Explore widescreen landscapes on an adrenaline-fuelled escape with the help of Colorado Tourism Office and Grand American Adventures’ small group tours.

Home to yawning canyons, staggering peaks and Wild West frontier towns, Colorado almost seems designed for adventures. Whether hiking, rafting or sandboarding, the state’s shifting landscapes boast possibilities in spades.

But to make the most of them, it pays to consult the experts, and the combined experience of Grand American Adventures’ small group tours and the Colorado Tourism Office are the ideal starting point to explore this epic state’s untapped wilds…

From Dunes to Peaks

More recently, Colorado state capital Denver has morphed from frontier hub to a hive for art and food enthusiasts. Better yet is its proximity to the wilderness: on its doorstep lies the Red Rocks, a naturally formed amphitheatre set among trekkable foothills.

Beyond there, the state isn’t short of sprawling national parks either; try sandboarding in Great Sand Dunes NP, skimming its glistening ochre ripples, or exploring the loo-year-old Puebloan cave dwellings of UNESCO-listed Mesa Verde NP.

Colorado’s rugged scenery lends itself well to thrill-seeking, from edging the steep drops of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP to saddling up for a trek along the old frontier mining trails of Telluride’s rugged San Juan Mountains. You can even raft the white waters of the Arkansas River; framed by the towering twin peaks of the Maroon Bells.

Pockets of Colorado’s history are just as easily explored, with the Victorian buildings of Durango – once a prominent frontier town – well worth visiting.

But it’s arguably the tundra of Rocky Mountains NP that is the state’s biggest gem, as you spy elk, moose and even mountain lions among its crystalline lakes, snowy peaks and wildflower-filled meadows, all accessed by a web of walking trails. And with over 480km of routes to explore, you’ll likely to have them to yourself.

In Expert Company

Take all the hassle out of your Colorado experience by going on a Grand American Adventures small group tour.

The team’s expertise in uncovering the must-see places and tucked-away spots helps unlock some of the wildest and most diverse scenery that The Centennial State boasts, with its Colorado Multi Active tour being the ideal introduction.

The small group sizes mean that you’re able to tailor the trip to your own tastes and you needn’t worry about the logistics either; that’ll all be taken care of, leaving more room (and less stress) to enjoy exactly what you came for: the great USA outdoors.

So pack your bags – Colorado’s mix of peaks, parks and frontier history awaits.

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