Georges Blanc – Vonnas, Rhone-Alpes, France

A Worthy Heir to a Famous Name

It was chef Georges Blanc’s grandmother who first put the tiny town of Vonnas on the gastronomic map. She was called the world’s greatest cook by Curnonsky, a revered French gourmet of the early 20th century.

Her equally celebrated daughter-in-law passed on her talent and passion to her son, Georges Blanc, and today the family restaurant on the banks of the River Veyle attracts diners from all parts of the world.

The fanfare is easy to understand once the food arrives: it is simply some of the most sublime imaginable. It is not by chance that the dessert cart brims with dozens of concoctions to top off an already unbeatable meal.

Blanc began his career as a pastry chef, and sweets still have a strong claim on his heart. The profusion of flowers and antiques spills over into attached hotel guest rooms, many of which have balconies and views of the river and blooming gardens.

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