Fraser Island – Queensland, Australia

A Romp on the World’s Most Beautiful Highway

On the world’s largest sand island, you can swim in forty freshwater dune-surrounded lakes, walk through the ancient Valley of the Giants rain forest, join rangers to track down some of the island’s 350 species of birds, or just enjoy the uninterrupted 75 miles of broad coastal beach – the world’s most beautiful highway.

Rent a jeep from the island’s award-winning ecotourism hotel, the Kingfisher Bay Resort, and realize those macho dreams of Man Against the Outback. With the Pacific Ocean on one side and 40-foot cliffs patterned like Gothic towers on the other, spend the day cruising the beach without another vehicle in sight. You’ll feel like Lawrence of Arabia at Sandy Cape, on the island’s northern tip, where huge sand moun­tains roll down to a vibrant blue sea.

Come August, the hotel’s Kingfisher I catamaran is the perfect vehicle to sail amid the 2,000 migrating whales that return annually on their way south to the Antarctic.

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