City at a glance – San Francisco, California

Dig deep into this rollicking city that is consistently shrouded in fog, yet entices with its clement weather, panoramic Pacific Ocean views, iconic structures and soulful cuisine

“San Francisco itself is art, above all literary art. Every block is a short story, every hill a novel. Every home a poem, every dweller within immortal. That is the whole truth” – Academy award winner William Saroyan

Mention San Francisco and all these come to mind: colourful parades, free speech, culinary experimentation, the famed Golden Gate Bridge, and historical cable car rides. Debatable issues were mainstream in this city before it hit the rest of the world, which means that social revolutions have often started here.

Historical Castro Theatre – San Francisco, California

This cosmopolitan city is teeming with exciting and diverse events throughout the year that you’ll always have something new to see or do in town, which probably explains why it topped the charts of America’s favourite cities. Just in 2015 alone, 24.6 million visitors were reported to have visited the hilly city, with a significant 85-percent of them here for leisure purposes.

The annual San Francisco Pride parade takes place on the last week-end of June

Predominantly, tourists visit for the lively atmosphere, infectious ambience, and mesmerising scenic beauty. Take the Coit Tower for example: perched atop the summit of Telegraph Hill, this 64m flutelike cylinder provides a breathtaking 360-degree view of the city. Art aficionados will likely linger about the ground floor longer while admiring the wall murals painted by some 30 local artists in 1933, with each piece depicting a different aspect of the Great Depression.

If the visit piques your interest, consider taking a trip down to the newly opened Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco.

Museum of Modern Art – San Francisco

Not only is this home to an impressive contemporary art collection, it also comes with a gift shop fully equipped with quirky gift ideas or unique home décor pieces.

Cutting down on time-consuming transfers to make your trip more enjoyable, Singapore Airlines has recently relaunched its non-stop flight between Singapore and San Francisco, which will operate on a daily basis with effect from 23 October 2016. The 14-odd- hour flight is timed conveniently to leave Singapore in the morning and arrive in San Francisco in the morning as well to help you maximise your daylight hours. Pick up Lonely Planet’s San Francisco city guide for more great tips on how to uncover the best of this colourful city (US$21.99).

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