CHIVA SOM, Thailand

Located in the resort town of Hua Hin, Chiva-Som is not an ordinary spa, but a luxury health resort! The name beautifully translates to the “Haven of Life! and as it suggests, the resort combines two of the best feature of Thailand – spa and resort – and delivers holistic wellness programs alongside renowned Thai hospitality. A complimentary health and wellness consultation is provided for every guest to formulate a personalized individual program that focuses on balancing and rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit.

Chiva Som
Chiva Som

Within Chiva Som is the highly advanced Niranlada Medi-Spa where you will be further evaluated using the VISIA 3-dimensional computerized facial imaging to find the best modem medicine treatment that complements Chiva Som traditional approach to wellness. The spa resort boasts 70 treatment rooms, some with spectacular Gulf of Thailand sceneries, as well as the award-winning Spa cuisine which serves delightful and healthy dishes made from organically-grown fruits and vegetables from the resort’s own garden.

The garden is also a vital part of Chiva Som’s famous Art of Detox retreat with a fully personalized dietary program. Cleanse your body of toxins, discover a healthier way of eating right, and feel like a new person! Through the integration of naturopathic and conventional medicines, everything offered by Chiva Som is all about holistic approach to health that incorporates mind, body and spirit.

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