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The China Kitchen: The Ultimate Culinary Experience At The Hyatt Regency Delhi

If you had 99 good reasons to visit The China Kitchen at the Hyatt Regency Delhi (authentic flavours, modern concoctions, and the Peking duck, of course!), here’s one more. The Chinese fine dining hotspot introduces a brand new menu handcrafted by Master Chef Zhang Hongsheng. You’re welcome!

 WHAT WE ALREADY KNOW: This is the ultimate destination for authentic, contemporary Chinese food, created with the freshest ingredients, and adopting the most stylised interpretations of the cuisine. For years discerning diners have enjoyed its luxurious ambience that will transport you into the dining room of a Chinese home. It is divided into four distinctive components: a majestic open kitchen, five artistically designed private dining rooms, a wine wall and tea bar, and the dining area. Its kitchen is further allocated to the famous Peking duck station, a dumpling and noodle bar, the steamer, a wok and a dessert kitchen. Further extending the true-to-style experience, the private dining rooms have been named after and inspired by the provinces of China, which also point toward the chef’s origins – Sichuan, Hubei, Guangzhou, Anhui and Hunan.


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