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7 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs To Visit Thailand In August

A favourite tourist destination it certainly is, but Thailand has gone all out to make every girl book a ticket to the country – to partake in some merry-making and women-centric celebrations in honour of the 84th birthday of their queen.

If Thailand had a theme song for the month of August, it would probably be the 1980s Cyndi Lauper hit, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. And with good reason. Come August, and you can expect a gaggle of girl gangs descending on Thailand. On the occasion of their queen’s 84th birthday, the country is extending its celebrations to all women – and providing unmissable opportunities to make the most of the festivities.

1. PARTY ALL NIGHT – If attending the most definitive parties in Thailand is on the short list of things to do, then you have your pick of locations: Koh Phangan for its world-famous full-moon party is a definite must, or there’s always club-hopping in Bangkok to look forward to.

Thailand is the 20th-most-populous country in the world, with around 66 million people
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