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The China Kitchen: The Ultimate Culinary Experience At The Hyatt Regency Delhi

ONCE IS NEVER ENOUGH: We’ve all come back, over and again to indulge in mouth-watering delicacies like the legendary Pecking Duck, the Beggars Chicken, the Sichuan poached sliced lamb, and innovative dumplings. The food has a level of integrity which is hard to find anywhere else. For instance, a variety of the vegetables are grown on the restaurant’s farms using Chinese seeds. The restaurant’s traditional tea bar offers a wide selection of Chinese teas, while the wine wall stocks the finest international wines, stored at the perfect temperature to suit all connoisseurs. There is also a music menu and a karaoke set-up in one of the rooms, to keep you entertained.

AND NOW: The China Kitchen is launching a fresh menu that takes your favourites to a whole new level, recreating the magic of authentic Chinese in a way that it will stir your senses. Get excited for a brand new selection of vegetarian dishes, varieties of dumplings that you’ve never had or heard of before and creative, delectable interpretations of desserts. This is a break from the norm even the most old-school diner will welcome.


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