Chatuchak Weekend Market – Bangkok, Thailand

The Granddaddy of All Bangkok Markets

You’ll be able to explore only a small part of Chatuchak’s 30 jam-packed awning-covered acres before your head starts to swim from cultural overload.

One of the world’s largest outdoor markets, with an estimated 5,000 merchants ready for business every Saturday at 6 A.M., Chatuchak is the ultimate Bangkok market experience – a one-stop shopping extravaganza where the rare, the costly, and the unusual are sold side by side with pushcart food, computers, tribal crafts, genuine counterfeit everything, spices, orchids, pirated CDs, souvenirs, and pets (or are they?) that range from Siamese kittens to Siamese fighting fish.

Silk garments and hand-painted china sell for a song, but Chatuchak is as much a sociologist’s dream as a bargain hunter’s paradise. It’s a crowded, sense-numbing car­nival, teeming with saffron-robed monks, ancient crones, mothers shopping for toys with their children, and pinstripe-suited busi­nessmen buying provisions for dinner. Its exotic sights, smells, and sounds will stay with you for a lifetime.

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