Buck Island – St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, Lesser Antilles (U.S. Territory)

An Unrivaled Underwater Nature Trail

The snorkeling is legendary at this uninhabited satellite island off St. Croix, where an elkhom coral reef lies in crystal-clear waters (think 100-foot visibility) at an average depth of 13 feet. Off Buck’s northeast end, a meandering snorkeler’s trail is marked with explanatory plaques so you’ll surface knowing the difference between one forest of sculp­ture-shaped coral and another. The reef abounds with more than 250 species of fish, including queen angelfish, parrotfish, irides­cent blue tangs, sergeant majors, and a host of other colorful creatures who remain remarkably nonplussed in your presence. Much of the reef is protected as an underwater national park.

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