9 World’s Most Romantic Gateways

Travelling was always the best solution for those who wish to escape the daily routine and spend some time with just their significant others around. Today, our experts from planetofbrides.com prepared for you the top 9 places that definitely worth your attention. Read and find out where to spend your next romantic vacation!

1. Venice (above)

Someone associates this jewel of the Adriatic with brilliant Shakespeare’s tragedies; someone links it to the person of Casanova. Well, you may have your own connections. Yet no one would argue that Venice is a must-see place for those who are willing to get some of the Italian magic.

2. Niagara Fallsniagara-falls

It’s hard to remember any spots in North America that would surpass Niagara in fame and beauty. Located right on the border of Canada and the United States, it attracts tens of millions of visitors from all around the globe annually.

3. Paris

Trivial as it may seem, Paris seems to never give up its status of the most romantic city throughout Europe. Centuries ago, the capital city of France was already the centre of sophistication and courtesy hosting a significant number of stunning landmarks.

4. Santorinisantorini-greece

This fascinating island lies in the southern Aegean Sea, right in between the mainland of Greece and the famous Crete Island. So if you’re planning a trip throughout the country, there will be no difficulties to include this destination to your wish list. To make a long story short: it was actually ranked as the best island on the globe by BBC Travel.


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