48 Charming Small Towns You Haven’t Heard of (But Should Visit ASAP)

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Small Town Charm

When planning a vacation, most people tend to go to the more popular locations, right? It’s usually some metropolis they’ve read about or towns and attractions that have been recommended by friends and family that make their bucket list. But with that method, you miss out on some truly unique locations.

After all, there are plenty of small towns in America that are worth traveling to, even if you didn’t know they existed. So it’s time to hit the roads less traveled and check out some unsung hot spots across the US. They might not have appeared on your radar, but they will after reading this! Here are 48 charming towns you haven’t heard of but should visit ASAP!

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7 thoughts on “48 Charming Small Towns You Haven’t Heard of (But Should Visit ASAP)”

  1. You missed two quaint, historic California gold rush towns that sit about two miles apart in the Sierra Nevada foothills–Grass Valley and Nevada City, CA. Both towns came of age in 1849, Grass Valley having been home to four gold mines, including the largest of them all–the Empire Mine (a state park today). These towns are considered golden nuggets on the “Golden Chain”, California’s historic Highway 49–named for the “49ers” who came here hoping to “hit it big” in the gold camps. Four presidents stayed at the historic Holbrook Hotel, once known, “back in the day” for its rowdy and bawdy reputation. Filled with quaint shops and excellent restaurants , and surrounded by lush vineyards, as well as an outdoor sports paradise, the “twin towns” are best known today for the their quirky, nineteenth century Victorian architecture and their love of culture and the arts. Located halfway between Sacramento, CA and Lake Tahoe, these idyllic towns are American treasures not to be missed!

  2. You forgot vermilion, Ohio which has a unique downtown like most u mentioned with about 6000 people in the vermilion area ,,. Vermilion is On Lake Erie which of course is a boating capital of Ohio. There is an authentic Czech restaurant and a marvelous French restaurant in town to name a few. Vermilion is close to many other cities like sandusky and the baseball hall of fame . Check it out. Lake Erie is huge.

  3. I guess you haven’t traveled in Western PA. Lots of nice little towns several with small universities, Check them out.

  4. Nice send me more I’m getting ready for traveling soon so I’m looking for places to visit in the USA Thanks

  5. You neglected to mention beautiful Festus, Missouri, located 40 miles south of St. Louis. Stoplight Restaurant was voted to have the #1 best hamburger in the state. There is plenty to see and learn about our history.