12 Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Parks In America

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Pleasure Beach, Stratford, CT

Located on a peninsula between Bridgeport and Stratford in Connecticut, the flourishing beachfront community around Pleasure Beach now houses more birds than humans. Settled in 1892, the land had served as local entertainment, but a fire in 1996 cut off the accessibility to the mainland, forcing its residents to relocate. Despite the changing climate brought on by the park’s failure, people continued to visit the beach. The long boardwalk and soft sand drew them.

Access was granted again when water taxis started operating in 2014. The city received $1.9 million in federal funding to purchase a few water taxis and bring the beach back to its glory. There are picnic tables, operable bathrooms, showers, and a concession stand. Parts of the community have been demolished, but there are still portions of the former life the area once called home.

You can now return to Pleasure Beach and see it for what it is, a serene oasis to watch the waves and take in the sun. The vandalized pavilion has been returned to its former glory, and the boardwalk to the beach has been restored. Where a large parking lot took up space, there are now grass and picnic tables. You won’t believe the transformation!

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