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Did You Know These 20 Unbelievable U.S. Spots Actually Exist?

Photo by Dasha Petrenko –

Spanning from one coast to another, our great nation is bursting at the seams with both natural and manmade wonders. While we’ll always encourage our readers to visit some of our most popular destinations, we think it’s also important to highlight the lesser-known ones.

No, this doesn’t mean that all our picks are inaccessible and that you’d have to traverse perilous territories in order to visit these gems. The ones we’ve picked for our list today are great vacation spots for both avid travelers and more laid-back people, for families and singles, young and old alike.

So, click NEXT if you want to see our breathtaking picks for America’s best-hidden spots!

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5 thoughts on “Did You Know These 20 Unbelievable U.S. Spots Actually Exist?”

  1. Jeanne M. Manfredini

    I visited the Byodo In Temple in Hawaii 3 or 4 times. Very peaceful place.
    Also made it the Chapel in Arkansas, another peaceful, serene place.
    Tho I didn’t see the cave, I saw the Mendenhall glacier area twice.
    Wish I had known about a few of the other places listed as we were in some of the other States.

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