11 Stunning US Locations With Amazing Natural Phenomenon

Photo by Sean Lema at Shutterstock

Ice Caves of Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska

Unfortunately, the next place on our list does not exist anymore as of may 2020 due to climate change, but we couldn’t omit it because it genuinely was a phenomenal sight. The Mendenhall Ice Caves are within the Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska and 12 miles long. The melting of the massive Mendenhall Glacier created crystalline cathedrals of breathtaking beauty under the ice.

Though these caves looked magical, they were also treacherous. Thinning ice and slippery rocks can create hazardous conditions for even the most experienced explorers. There aren’t many places where you can encounter every stage of the water cycle at once. But that was the magic of the Mendenhall Ice Caves, where water ran over rocks and under the frozen bright-blue ceilings inside a partially hollow glacier. Inside the glacier were stunning blue ice caves, accessible only to those willing to kayak to the side of the ice and climb over the glacier.

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