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9 Best Small Towns in the South

Small Town
Photo by ShengYing Lin at Shuttersctock

Which Small Town In The South Is Your favorite?

There’s nothing quite like a charming small town. With sidewalks to wander, friendly faces to greet, and local shops to scan, it’s obvious what draws people to these cozy communities and keeps them visiting yearly.

Even though the South’s best small towns may seem quaint at first glance or even too quiet to keep you entertained for an entire weekend, you don’t have to worry about filling the hours.

These places have been reinventing themselves over time while still preserving what makes them special. In our favorite storybook towns, you can choose your adventure: Relax, recharge, or get out and explore.

They’re filled with vibrant neighborhoods, dynamic businesses, and long-standing traditions that combine the creative and charming to irresistible effect.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful location for a weekend getaway or an inviting spot to put down roots, these small towns deserve a place on your must-see list.

You’re sure to receive a warm welcome regardless of why you’re there. So don’t wait any longer…these 9 southern small towns await!

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1 thought on “9 Best Small Towns in the South”

  1. brett dennis flournoy

    How did you forget Natchitoches La, the oldest city in the Louisiana Purchase, and a true gem?

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