11 Stunning US Locations With Amazing Natural Phenomenon

Photo by Lukas Bischoff Photograph at Shutterstock

Fly Geyser in Washoe County, Nevada

You can find Fly Geyser about 20 miles north of Gerlach in Washoe County. This remarkable geyser was created accidentally in 1961 during the drilling of a well. The vivid coloring and fantastical shape of the natural steaming spout give it a whimsical, otherworldly appearance.

It is located on Fly Ranch, about two hours north of Reno, on the edge of the Nevada Black Rock Desert, and it’s a 3,800-acre parcel of land purchased by the Burning Man Project in 2016. Scientists familiar with the geyser note that the coloring on the outside of the mounds results from thermophilic algae, which flourishes in moist and hot environments.

The inside of the stacks contains quartz, and it is growing much more rapidly than any other geysers that scientists have studied. Typically, quartz doesn’t begin to grow for about 10,000 years within geysers, making the Fly Geyser even more of a marvel.

What goes down must go up???…..

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