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11 Amazing Stargazing Sites in The US

Photo by Allexxandar at Shuttestock

When was the last time you stargazed? Living in the city makes experiencing the full brilliance of a starry night impossible. Even on the clearest nights, artificial light and pollution from our cities obscure the natural darkness, making nighttime skies look a lot less majestic than they should. However, across the country, there is still a lot of wilderness that has a natural lightscape.

There’s nothing like camping under the night sky and relishing in all of the bright stars and constellations. Specialists have made specific efforts to protect the atmosphere for years to come. So, grab a telescope (or a pair of binoculars) and plan a trip to some of these parks with the dark skies for a stellar night. In these 11 destinations, you’re sure to be awestruck as you gaze up at the jaw-droppingly beautiful skies above.

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