11 Most Beautifully Stunning Libraries in America

Photo by Thomas Barrat at Shutterstock

Harold Washington Library Center, Chicago, IL

It’s been called “a building of memories.” The Harold Washington Library Center is designed to be a celebration of iconic Chicago architecture. It’s not surprising that many people think the Library is an old Chicago building.

As a postmodern structure, it references the past, making it seem somehow familiar but also blending in well with its nineteenth-century neighbors. Its textured, diverse materials give it a handcrafted look. And for the first time since the 1930s, we see exterior symbolic ornamentation on a large American public building.

On the 9th floor, the spectacular Winter Garden is perfect for quiet study, deep conversation, and some peace and quiet in the bustling heart of downtown.

And here, Chicago’s only free music practice rooms are available to the public, including pianos and over 40,000 volumes of printed music, which are on the 8th floor.

This last library has something cooking…..

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4 thoughts on “11 Most Beautifully Stunning Libraries in America”

  1. The Air Force Academy Library in Colorado is supposed to be quite impressive too. I’ve only seen the outside. Maybe it’s not considered a public library.

  2. When I was in high school, research was done at the library.
    Going downtown was a treat.
    I remember spending as much time exploring the library as I did on research each time I visited. It was breathtaking for someone from a small town with a one room, but very clean and efficient public library.