Top 11 Most Beautiful Scenic Hikes In America

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Breathtaking Hikes

The United States Of America has some of the most beautiful natural scenery known to man. And without a doubt, hiking would be the perfect combination of nature, outdoor recreation, and that pesky exercise we all need. It can be as solo or social as you like, and you don’t need much to hit the trails. Our country is a hiker’s dream for many reasons.

It’s very diverse and practically contains every type of landscape you can imagine within its borders. From deserts and mountains, rainforests, and thousands of miles of coastline, it’s no wonder that millions of people hit the trails each year. Whether you’re new to hiking, do it all the time, want a short day trip, or are gearing for an epic adventure, here are some of the best scenic hikes to inspire you in the United States.

There is a trek for every type of hiker on this list, from challenging day hikes and multi-day missions to long-distance hikes. So pack your backpack and check out our top 11 most beautiful scenic hikes in America!

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