World-Class Service In The Indian Skies

Vistara cabin crew are also trained to handle challenging situations such as an expecting mother suddenly going into labour, or a customer having symptoms of a heart attack in mid-air. Safety and security are paramount, of course and cabin crew are trained in first aid and how to deal with everything from hijack situations, fires and emergency evacuations.

So whether you have a question about how a life jacket works on a child, or simply whether or not the meal being served to you is suitable for someone with a nut allergy, Vistara’s cabin crew will always know the answer, and happy to put you at ease.

Viastra firmly believes that the best part of the journey is not arriving at the destination, but the journey itself

And, there’s more. A part of the crew’s training process focuses on personal grooming, hygiene and mastering Vistara’s trademark ‘look’ – which includes neat but stylish hairdos, natural make-up in defined, muted colour palettes, and matching fashion accessories to their designer uniforms. Created by the celebrated designer duo Abraham and Thakore, the uniforms worn by the crew is smart, stylish and functional.

It has a contemporary Asian mood with Indian-style tunics and slim-fit pants in deep aubergine, and features the brand’s star-shaped logo. This is worn with a belt whose buckle features Vistara’s signature star motif. It’s only once each trainee has mastered every one of the tasks put forth in the intensive training process that she is allowed on board to be at your service. And it shows.


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