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11 Most Adorable Small Towns In America


Photo by EB Adventure Photography at Shutterstock

Small towns can remind us of a simpler way of life. Everyone knows your name, family-owned businesses still exist, and people live their lives at a much slower pace than what “city folk” are used to!

Which is probably why our country’s small towns draw new residents and tourists every year. If you’ve always thought the location in those Hallmark movies seem like great places to live and are drawn to charming main streets, quirky festivals, friendly locals, and lovely country landscapes, then we have found some great options.

For our outdoor lovers and art-and-food-focused individuals, we have some ideas for a great getaway. You might even find your new home on our list!

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35 thoughts on “11 Most Adorable Small Towns In America”

  1. Having flown to many locales around the world with the USAF (all seven continents), many ravaged by war and pestilence these pictures just remind me how fortunate I and my family are to live here. Just as in the previous centuries, no wonder people are risking everything to come here.

      1. Have lived all over USA w/US Public Health Service, traveled all over during our military month-vacation (in a tent)& have zeroed in on small-town mid-Atlantic in which to retire (now Leftest Coast, but desperately want to get out to either Southern PA, Panhandle WVA or a few extreme NE Tenn location, or….upper NC). Would love certain parts of VA or MD since both my husband & I were born or lived there for times….but taxes/regulations/gov’t “X” them out for us. We’re old, cranky about people telling us how we have to live after years of us serving others, & paying to support others out of our tax monies after we’ve worked to serve them…the vicious cycle of giving & then being punished for choosing to give. Want to live the rest of our lives in some fiscally, socially, humanly SANE state.

  2. Abilene,Kansas has some better days. COVID hit the town hard and many of the shops in the main part of town are closed. Hope this pretty town can come back

    1. Franklin is amazing as is many other towns throughout the South. The only Southern town they listed was Beaufort, S.C. and I agree it’s a great place but I don’t understand why many Southern locations were left out.

  3. Yall need to visit Lincoln, New Mexico it is so cool, Billy the kid could show up at any time,it is that nostalgic.

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