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5 Incredible Waterfalls in Pennsylvania for People Who Hate Hiking

Photo by Cvandyke at Shutterstock

Pennsylvania is well-known for all of its incredible waterfalls!

There are very few things mother nature offers that rival the breathtaking magnificence of a waterfall. Can you imagine the rays of light as they hit the rushing water at just the right angle? What about the falling water turning into ice in the middle of a frosty winter?

Such a spectacular sight certainly promises an unforgettable experience. But, for some of us, getting to those waterfalls is impossible because of the terrain that must be hiked to get there.

And we desire a laid-back experience that takes our breath away from sheer beauty rather than all that fast-paced walking. This is why we’ve selected a few waterfalls in Pennsylvania that are accessible to anyone with beginner to intermediate hiking abilities.

And while all 5 of these require SOME hiking, they can be reached in roughly five minutes along well-defined, easy-to-hike paths!

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